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There are many graphic designers out there that claim to be environmentally conscious. They shout that they use soy- and vegetable-based inks and print on recycled paper. But the truth is that anyone can do this. There’s no question that these efforts are a a great start when it comes to making a design piece more sustainable but I believe eco-conscious graphic design goes further.

Perhaps you’re interested in green design because it’s a trend, because it seems like a wise business move or because you’re passionate about the planet. Regardless of your motivation for exploring a greener design process and creating more sustainable design solutions, know that it’s to an easy task. Truly becoming an eco-friendly designer requires research, a different though approach to solving design challenges and sacrificing flooded ink surfaces within layouts and toxic finishing services when printing. But the reward is immense; we get to experience the benefit of solving a brand and design challenge for our clients while working simultaneously toward a greater effort; an effort that unifies people all over the world to preserve and protect our planet.

The truth is that I’m not looking to talk anymore into becoming an eco-conscious graphic designer through statistics. What I am trying to do is to share my passion for creating strong and impactful graphic design solutions that use less resources and support change. And if I can inspire just one other graphic designer out there to transform a campaign, a postcard design or a printing choice into a greener alternative, then I consider this career a success.