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Rural Development Specialist

Specialties: Agribusiness, Sustainable Development, Socio-Economic issues in Environmental Development, Agroforestry, Gender Issues, Poverty Reduction, Project Management and Administrating, Organizing International Top-level Meetings. Fluent in Finnish, English, Spanish, French, basic Swahili and Swedish.

Dr.Sc. in Tropical Silviculture, specialized in value adding sustainable agroforestry, social forestry and rural development. Having 20 years of experience of working and managing forestry and rural projects in tropical development countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe, working at local, national and regional level. In FAO Peru country office I have been facilitating Peru in preparation of UN REDD national program, national plan for recuperation of forests and degradaded areas, developing National Forestry Plan, developing criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management and transparent forest governance, in strengthening new forest laws, regulations, shaping the new forest policy and  developing a proposal of nationwide socioeconomic forest monitoring system and tools. I have supported the community based forest management in the poorest regions of Tanzania by facilitating the communities to attain the title deeds and rights to manage their forest resources and helping in desentralizacion process. I have been a Project Coordinator of Bush Fire Project in Burkina Faso. One decade experience of investigating  value adding sustainable agroforesty system, analysing rural policies, lecturing in the universities, improving livelihoods with organic spice markets and conserving biodiversity. I have always worked in multinational multidiciplinary teams at multinational organizations, with governments, universities, and civil society to enable communication between different stakeholders about forestry issues. I am a founder of Café Femenino Chile, a company that empowers Peruvian female coffee producers, who cultivate organic, high quality specialty coffee in their own lands. This Fairtrade coffee business empowers them socially and economically and improves the livelihoods of local communities in rural Peru.