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HR and culture manager

I choose courage over comfort. I choose transparency over secrecy.

-Dedicated and ethical professional who is committed to providing a quality service in a timely and effective manner

- Professional with collaborative work style who possess the highest level of integrity, discretion and judgment with ability to use those skills to effectively build relationships with others

- Hardworking and trustworthy person who strives to collaborate with all members of the working community to meet the needs of team members

- Excellent communication and organizational skills

- Capable to work effectively with all levels of employees, including top, middle and supervisory levels of management

- Excellent at solving a variety of work conflicts, whether between two colleagues or an employee and his or her employer.

- Critical thinker who is great at problem solving

- Easily adaptable in multicultural environments

- Fully proficient in writing and speaking English

- Strong administrative skills

- Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)

- Ability to conduct research on variety of topics