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Freelance Animator and Illustrator

Hi! I’m Stacy Bias, an activist, artist and animator living in London, England. I create 2D animations with a special focus on storytelling for social change and creative research dissemination.

My 20-year history of activism informs my practice and makes me ideally suited to work with academics, charities, NGOs and other mission-based organisations. Current works combine ethnographic research (qualitative research and interviews) with illustration and animation to create humanising narratives that amplify marginalised voices. This work highlights and celebrates the resilience, creativity and strength of those living at the margins of social inclusion while also confronting the damaging ideologies that require those skills. My practice is collaborative, self-reflective with regard to the ethics of representation, and guided by the principles of intersectional feminism. My work targets empathy and the places where it’s absent, asking questions about social legitimacy, barriers to access (both physically and socially) and the psychic and material impacts of exclusion.