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Senior Software Developer

Senior Full Stack / Tech Lead developer with more than 8 years of experience in Development. Obtained a Master's degree in Technical Automatization science.

Have decent expertise in HTML5, CSS3, responsive layouts, Vanilla JavaScript (es5, es6), client side frameworks (AngularJS, ReactJS).

Good knowledge of Backend technologies and frameworks e.g. NodeJS, Express, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Flask, Django.

Try to use all of the modern web application development workflow tools (Webpack) in my daily work to provide the best quality apps.

Also interested in functional programming, e.g Haskell.

Do my best in being a highly responsible and well organized team member with leadership skills and strong obligation for prioritizing deadlines. Have about a year of team leading experience. Open and initiative for innovative and agile approach to development.

Active participant in communications with clients, always ready to provide solutions and results in shortest terms.