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Web Designer / Web Developer

I am a Professional Web Developer with 10+ years of Experience. A man who Prides his work as a Web Developer. I am a long Term Solution for all of your Web Problems. My services website design & development.

I am an ambitious person who does everything with passion.

In time, I learned that if you do something of a passion, it will be much easier for you to develop.

I always like to learn new things with whoever I work and wherever I go.

In all years of self development we have learned things like:

- organizing a web design project

- the generic strategies and steps of developing a website

- the aesthetics of a website

- the concept of client / server scripting

- site content management

- the use and querying of MySQL databases

security and site testing

- installing, configuring and maintaining a server

organization of the marketing department

planning of marketing activities

marketing research system

competition and competitive advantage

attitudes, motivations and consumer behaviors

cultural and demographic factors

price psychology, product / service life cycle

portfolio management of products / services

factors price

distribution channels

promotion campaign evaluation

customer relationship management

company and product identity

public relations strategies and campaigns.