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Uniquely skilled to handle anything, armed by high levels of EQ

Dear Hiring Manager,

My never ending thrive to improve and grow presented itself as a catalyst to fuel my search for new horizons. While browsing different organizations for new opportunities and after reading the requirements, this career posting, the new path I was looking for to expand, is a perfect fit. The thing that stood up is the actualization of a new challenge, a first step into my future filled with the right demanding atmosphere to learn and prosper. 

Throughout my career history, I worked in different industries gaining unique experience that helped me excel in new challenges that I set my mind to. My current work concentrates mainly on the mental health of beneficiaries undergoing addiction rehabilitation. The skills I gained in my 3 year period is like no other. I manage their everyday activities along with the support they need to obtain a good level of EQ. Working under pressure, cooperating with a specialized team, became the concepts I live by. 

Looking forward to learning and acquiring more knowledge about this opportunity. Having the chance to discuss my qualifications in further detail is much appreciated and I look forward to becoming part of the team. I thank you for your time and consideration.


Sassine Khalil.