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Fullstack agile web developer

Professional experience

  • Compuer science degree | Applied Mathematics drop out (90%)

  • Fullstack software development (10yrs)

    • Main stack: Web

    • Frontend frameworks: Jquery, Bootstrap, Angular, React, Polymer, Svelte

    • Backend frameworks: NodeJS

    • DBs: SQL, Mongo, Reddit

    • Sysadmin / devops: Linux server, Shell, Git, Docker

  • Teaching (4yrs)

    • Algorithms and data structures

    • UX - Data modeling

    • HTML / CSS

    • Basic JS

    • JS frameworks (front and back)

    • DBs

Activism experience

  • Volunteer social work with kids (Sustainability, diversity, human rights, conflict resolution)

  • Bicycle mobility

  • Cooperativism and selfmanagement

  • Solidarity economies

  • Guerrilla gardening

  • Veganism

  • Sociocracy

Cofounder of SocialTech project

Collaboration platform to enhence mutal aid between social projects and its communities

(Got to beta, now on hold)

With this project we been summond to different congresses: Platform coop, Internet of Ownership, Web of change