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Happy Cities Activist

Pedro is starting his PhD Program at Católica University of Lisbon(2020-2023) in "Happy Cities 5.0" and he is currently a collaborating researcher on the Project "Perspectives on Happiness Contributions to Portugal in the Word Happiness Report (UN)", under the guidance of Prof. Jorge Humberto Dias. Also holds a Master's by the Universidade Lusíada of Lisbon in "Marketing of cities and municipalities" and an undergraduated degree in International Relations by the same University.

Today, Pedro become an expert in "Happy Cities 5.0" at Splendid Time Consultores and is the Head of Concept at Mybizzconsulting, a Strategic Business Consulting Boutique Agency , who is passionate about creative management and challenging international business solutions.

Pedro was for several years the US & Latin America Business Development Manager of Bi-Silque SGPS and spent his time between Portugal, US and the Latin America regions. During his assignments, he always delivered results that had an impact in sales, margins, market share, product development & design and innovation, reputation customer’s satisfaction and public affairs, category growth and also started a wholesaler distribution network in the LATAM region focused on the education and visual comunication channels.

During his role at the Portuguese Trade Comission, in New York City(AICEP) Pedro was the Deputy Trade Commissioner, presenting a solid experience in internationalization consulting, having designed, developed and executed many multi-national strategic marketing projects, in several world regions on provocative negotiation, international energetic communication skills, creative and power thinking with a contagious inspiration.

Natural negotiator and facilitator passionate, multicultural and goal oriented background in strategic new business and city marketing, emphasis ways to manage people and create value for public and private Organizations, Smart Cities and Municipalities.

Pedro became skilled in managing change and grow in troubled economic turn a rounds and as an individual, he is optimistic, dynamic, confident, articulate and persuasive as he can be, worked and lived in New York City , Los Angeles and Miami. Today he is based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Pedro also has a broad experience of multi-cultural projects and he speaks Portuguese (native), English, Spanish and French. His ultimate goal is always to get the job done with the maximum impact and return to his team and clients.