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Executive Life Coach

I have more than 15 years of experience in the financial field. I have gained enriched knowledge, in both, banking and corporate sectors, while shifting between key management roles.

Along my journey, I have successfully contributed to the fast growth of a startup financial institution and have demonstrated excellent people skills, not restrictively with my subordinates but with my fellow managers and C-suite executives. I have proven great leadership skills in building and developing my own team, helping people establishing priorities, improving performance, engaging, and increasing productivity to achieve financial goals.

While occupying my latest position as finance manager for one of the largest companies in Lebanon, considered the regional leader in the information and communication technology, I got certified by ICF (International Coaching Federation) as Executive and Leadership Coach. I  selected as my niche, the fields of Personal Development and Business Relationships, aiming to combine my skills along with my old experience.

My passion, mission, profession, and vocation are now aligned to help people thrive on personal and professional levels through overcoming their self-imposed limits and developing a growth mindset.

I prefer a cooperative social environment to an antagonistic one. I have an ability to disarm some of that antagonistic spirit, and to encourage a climate of optimism.

I am very well-networked. This comes primarily from my natural sociability and my comfort in meeting others. Such a network of contacts can be of enormous benefit to you, the team, and the greater organization, especially when in maximum problem-solving mode.

I am action-oriented and have a rare ability to skillfully multi-task.

I am very outgoing and persuasive, very people oriented, very patient and have strong communication skills.

Here are a few examples of values I can bring to any organization:

- Promote, gain attention and generate energy for their ideas and projects

- Fuel others with optimism and enthusiasm

- Demonstrate excellent people skills

- Demonstrate excellent verbal skills

- Handle pressing problems in a casual manner

- Flexible problem solver

- Able to communicate to large and small audiences, with equal poise and confidence