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Mer · Senior Strategic Thinker, Researcher and Writer

Hi! My name is Mercedes - like the cars!-. I am a Senior Strategic Thinker and Researcher with more than 10 years of experience in Strategy, Communication and User Experience. I am also a Copywriter, I love writing for users, for readers, and for myself! I am currently living in Gran Canaria, but I was born and raised in Buenos Aires City, Argentina.

I am curious+observer+analitic+questioning. I combine design philosophy and human empathy into holistic research and processes analysis into the manufacture of usable and understandable communication pieces.

I am biased towards usability and strategic comunication which I believe to be strongly connected. Information, messages and product/service/procedures comprehension are my goals when working. I am very good at finding out and communicating the needs of the users as well as the differential values of companies, products, services, or projects. I am a great translator/connector: I can translate internal, technical language into clear, concise and friendly messages easily understood by its target public. I can also, through research, translate users´ needs into insghts and actionable plans/briefs for the companies to feed their work.


• • Project/Brand Strategy : Brand analysis - FODA - Customer research - Service Innovation - Personas - Positioning evaluation and messaging prioritization - Brand´s messaging tone of voice - Brand positioning development - Brand Competitors mapping - Positioning evaluation and messaging prioritization - Brand presentation for future clients.

• Writing : Strategic Writing + Content writing. Vision, mission, values development - Storytelling - Grant writing - Project formulation for Entrepeneurs, Start Ups and SMEs public finance tools - Entrepenaurs grant writing - Gobernment and Public Sector Bonding - RFPs - Visual presentations. // Creative writing - Spanish:English + English:Spanish translations - Article writing

• Research: Design Thinking research tools - Web research - User research - Sequences of use workflows - Process/tasks tree - Journey maps - Personas - Extreme-Mainstreams Users - Five Whys - Fish diagrams - Interviews - Surveys - Comparative analysis - Contextual Inmersion

• Usability Editorial Design: user manuals - instructional manuals - catalogues - technical sheets - step by step illustration - technical charts - technical diagrams - legal warnings - security warnings.

• Web UX Design: User flows - Concept sketches - Wireframing - Production redlines - Information Architecture - Copywriting - Instructional writing

• Web Design: website copywriting - wireframes - information architecture - landing pages - website design -

As far as software goes, I work with Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign. Wordpress (+ plug ins), Wix.

I am very passionate when working with Strategic, Usability and/or Communication projects. Taking the time to get to know your project, products; your company and your users and customers through research, strategy, and analysis is part of what I do as a Strategic Designer and Copywriter on daily basis.

If you have a project in mind or would like to know more about what I do, do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation!

ps: A little more about me. I am an amateur photographer. I post my photos at IG@mer_b and /// I write stories, poetry and chronicles; I post them whenever I can at /// I study Theatre since 2009. I regularly attend to different workshops and seminars. I perfomed in some plays on the independent circuit in Buenos Aires city. When I have the time, I also collaborate with the script writing and the play production /// I am a very curious person, therefore I love learning new stuff ; recently I have been doing some courses: Journalistic chronicle and creative writting to keep on developing my style; Pottery, because I love to get my hands dirty and make things with them; Digital Photography, to refresh some old concepts; Alternative economy, because I think this could be a better and more fair world, and I want to do something about it.