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Writer and Organizer

From years of service work in restaurants & offices, on political campaigns, and in a costume shop, I’ve managed to try on many hats. The question “what can I do for you?” is one I’ve asked many times, many ways, merrily.

While in University I put on the hat of a lobbyist, engaging with legislators at the local, state, and national levels on issues of higher education funding, fair housing policies, and voter engagement because it was what I could do on behalf of my fellow students. Speaking up in this way got me hired as the student body president’s Director of Public Relations. I kept students up-to-date on our campaigns, mobilized volunteers, and spoke on students’ behalf in meetings with university administrators.

Being outspoken in class and across campus got me recruited to work for the local NPR substation, where I spent four years doing production and sound engineering for a live, interactive show featuring guests speaking on topics that ranged from local news to international features. I did copywriting for features and soaked in the storytelling skills of the host.

I’ve spent the majority of 2020 as an Americorps VISTA, dedicating my time to a growing community farm in rural Colorado, putting on the hat of a farmer that I inherited from my Iowan grandfather. I’ve seen how a small group of dedicated people can provide necessary, healthy food for people who need it the most; and I believe that operations like these are essential to community and environmental wellness.

My passion to help create an ecologically stable future drives me to work on projects that connect people directly with their local environment, motivating them to take action through responsible, regenerative land management practices.

My multifaceted experience lends itself well to many types of work on any number of issues. So I’m happy to ask: how is it that I can help you?