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System Change Facilitator

Martina Stažnik practices the integration of participatory leadership practices and systems approaches in the design and implementation of transformation processes with individuals, groups and organizations.

Her work with individuals, groups and organizations is based on a process approach, collaborative learning and participatory leadership to create a context for activating collective knowledge that will enable innovative processes and sustainable solutions.

She has deep experience of transformative processes at the individual and group (organizational) level as a practitioner of systemic psychotherapy and cybernetics.

She has professional experience of civil society sector development and experience of working in non-profits with deep insight in political context and social processes, having both personal and professional experience in conflict /post-conflict environment area.

Works with various profiles of nonprofit and for-profit organizations, multiethnic and multicultural groups, as well as socially vulnerable groups. She is constantly improving herself through various trainings that help her in personal development and in creative work with organizations and groups. She has extensive experience in participatory and process methods and approaches to learning (Service Learning, Becavta, Bohm Dialogue, Process Work).

Provides innovative and creative design for seminars and conferences, especially working with large groups and is a member of the international network eng. Art of Hosting Facilitator (Key Methods: World Café, Open Space Technology, Pro Action Café, Appreciative Inquiry, Collective Mind-Mapping, Action Learning, The Art of Harvesting, Consensus Decision Making).