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Freelance Writer | Movement Instructor | Dance Movement Therapist in Training

I am a freelance writer, event planner, and community builder with a diverse professional background that is equally creative as it is administration and project-based. Originally from San Diego, USA and currently based in Tarragona, Spain, I have 10+ years of experience working in media, marketing, and legal / financial services within global markets. 

Previously, I worked as a project manager in both New York City, USA and Andorra in publishing and wealth and asset management, and I have been engaging in international markets since 2008. I transitioned into a fully remote work lifestyle in October 2019, yet had previous experience in collaborating with remote teams.

With a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Marketing and a minor in International Management, I am currently a member of global remote teams of professionals who are producing creative digital content for blogs, email campaigns, website platforms, social networking posts, and more. 

Some of my personal projects include event planning for the Andorra Language Club, the Blue Space Project, and a new initiative I’m launching soon called “Remote Workers Connect offline.” I am also a dancer, movement instructor, and a dance movement therapist (DMT), and working towards completing my master’s degree in Dance and Movement Therapy.

Looking forward to collaborating with you!