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Guarantee you 100% satisfying translations from or to ENGLISH, GERMAN, UKRAINIAN, ITALIAN, SPANISH, POLISH and RUSSIAN.

Every order will be exactly doen to your personal needs.


As a philology student, I have a deep knowledge of language structure and text construction. In university I study such subjects, as comparative linguistics and history of language formation.

During my high school years I've worked as an English tutor, for younger students.

Lately I've been working as a translator for some Ukrainian and foreign magazines.

My main specialisations are topics about art's history and art criticism, from ukrainian to english and vise versa.

I've done a lot of unpaid work in translation to gain some experience .

I've volunteered as a life translator for a canadian education project in ukrainian schools and universities .

I've participated in AISEC EduChange programme in Teramo, Italy, we did numerous presentation about SDGs for high school students in english and italian.

I've created ukrainian subtitles for a few TED talk videos . You can find the samples in my portfolio.

For a while I've worked as a costumer service representative, of an online store for german market. My main responsibilities were communicating with clients from Germany and Switzerland, via mail or call, solving problems and

asking for their assessment of service quality.


Learning languages and learning about them is my biggest passion. I'm currently studying for my bachelor's degree in philology . Meanwhile I'm studying different foreign languages. I travel a lot and use my language skills all the time. It helps me to maintain the progress, I quickly reached fluency in all 6 foreign languages I speak: English, Polish, Russian, Italian, Spanish and German .

I exalt the beauty and uniqueness of every language, it's incredible that humans from different parts of the world express their feelings using different sounds and letters, but the ideas and feelings stay the same.

I highly value each of my clients and will provide you best quality translations.