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My name is Manuela G. Coco and I help organizations in meeting and exceeding their goals through managing a broad spectrum of tasks, such as market research and analysis, people management, project planning and organization, and public relations building. I am skilled in conducting comprehensive research, interpreting research results, drawing valid inferences, and creating spreadsheets,...
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  • In-House Representative and Expediting Coordinator for ENI Congo SA

    In this capacity, I delivered high-level support to the client in overseeing day-to-day logistics activities as well as identifying and resolving procurement issues.

    Related Skills: Logistic Activities Management, Procurement Issues Resolution, Time and Cost Saving

    Following is the highlight of the value I achieved at Saga Italia Spa:

    ☛ Drove time and cost-saving by sourcing the appropriate modes of transportation based on the peculiar need of the region.


  • Bachelor degree in Organizational Psychology