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Creative: writing, photography, copyeditor, videoproducer

Multi-disciplinary creative: Video production (documentaries), content writing, proofreading, copy editing and photography. More than a decade of experience in media, i.e. producing factual content and broadcast documentaries, plus healthcare videos. Self-shooter and familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro, Bridge, Lightroom, Photoshop.

Visual storytelling is my passion, I believe in the power of using imagery to create awareness, educate and initiate change. My editorial judgment is fastidious. I am a lateral and creative thinker who confidently juggle multiple projects. Both collaboration and independent, remote working suit me. Producing documentaries for NGO's and charities excites me as it appeals to my visual sensibility and sense of curiosity. The organisational, creative and communicative aspects fully utilise my multi-disciplinary skillset. Helping NGO's and charities telling their stories in their voice answers my 'why'; my why is doing something that matters. I enjoy the team's collaboration when scoping a client's ambitious vision into a realistic yet creative production. I love building rapport with contributors who trust the team to tell their story with authenticity and integrity. I take pride in crafting the various elements into a high-quality production, which questions, inspires, educates, and call the audience to action.