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Marketing Specialist

I am Wamuyu, a digital native, a lover of numbers and creativity...oh and food. :-)

At my previous job, as the strategy manager, I had the privilege of working on a pharmaceutical brand in Kenya, when they had just come into the market. The biggest challenge was acquisition because not only was the brand new but the concept of an online pharmacy was too. I used the AARRR framework to identify strategic drivers and key metrics to acquire, convert and retain customers. The model was so successful that at my departure, the brand had over 60,000 MoM website visits with conversion rates of 15% on the app and 21% on the web, and an impressive 46% bounce rate on the web. 

I have also led in app intake campaigns for one of the leading pan-African banks where I achieved an average of $0.46 CPI.

I’ve also led several successful influencer marketing campaigns leading to millions of impressions on social media and product uptake in the market. One campaign even got a new phone sold out in all outlets in the city. 

Digital media provides such a huge playground for experimentation, a necessity for understanding your customers, for whom all your activities should be centered.

If you are looking for a marketer who is not numbers-shy, who’ll take their time to understand your business product and your customers, talk to me. My hands-on experience includes digital media content creation, media buying, strategy, and growth marketing. I assure you that you’ll not find a better well-rounded marketer than me.