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Hi, I'm Larae, an intrepid communicator with experience in writing, editing, political science, and research in native English. I'm a dynamic and independent thinker who enjoys producing diverse material that is interesting, on-point, and clever — framing complex information into clear and engaging content, with the appropriate tone of voice. My dedication lies in culture, science, sustainability, technology, and the human condition.

Diverse roles have included copywriter, journalist, television news presenter, public relations spokesperson, press officer, professional public speaker, ghostwriter, editor, and translator (Dutch to English). I have extensive experience planning relevant and complex events. My understanding of various projects required throughout a programme enables me to provide specific guidance to all teams involved.

I've interviewed musicians, scientists, civic leaders, politicians, and just about anyone who has a story to tell. I love to craft their story with colourful anecdotes and personal revelations, as rich additions to the facts and data at hand.