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I have worked as a development worker for over four decades in 20 countries. I have a degree in civil engineering from the University of Southern California. My experience includes irrigation, drainage, water supply, and urban infrastructure. I am a native English and Spanish speaker and speak three Asian languages fluently. I look forward to continue my international career.


  • Engineering Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd.


    Team Leader. Responsible for overall management of the of the assignment and all the outputs on project financed by the ADB. Coordinated activities with the Ministry of Urban Development, Water Supply, and Housing Facilities. Managed a team of 3 international and over 40 Sri Lankan specialists as well as 15 support staff. Technical outputs included selecting subprojects in the 4 Sri Lankan cities of Dambulla, Kurunegala, Ratnapura, and Trincomalee, conducting surveys and investigations as well as preparing the feasibility studies, detailed designs, bid documents, and specifications. Subprojects consisted of urban upgrading (e.g. tourism facilities, bus terminals, parks, government buildings, ports) and heritage conservation (e.g. restoring forts, temples, historical buildings, heritage trails). Supervised the preparation of capacity building activities as well as social and environmental guidelines.