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Marketing Automation, Website Creation / Management and Your Virtual Assistant

Hi my name is John and thanks for stopping by my profile!

I am UK based freelancer who provides an un-matched experience for my clients. I am also a mega-proud dad to my 6 year old son too!

Moving on, I am truly humbled that you have stopped to look at my profile, it means the world to me and also let's me know that I must have a great right hook for grabbing your attention and getting you here - this must come from my experience in Digital Marketing as there is no kettle for coffee on my profile, but there might be at the place we may meet to discuss how we can work together :)

Here is a little more about what I do each day and how I try to be awesome for my clients ALL of the time and keep them smiling! (because smiling clients are happy clients)

I help my clients by being their "go-to" nerd, geek (or just person) for their Sales Funnels, Marketing Automation and Websites!

I don't believe in getting to know my clients by message or text, so first we arrange a call or a time and place to meet in-person to really get to understand how we can work together to take away the overwhelm and headache they get from trying to do everything, everyday for themselves (let's face it, most of you have your head stuck in to trying to learn this stuff when really, you should be doing what your are best at and that is by giving your clients/customers what they want - not all the backend stuff!)

I like to call it the "Deep Dive Meeting" - we get together and have a friendly chat, then it gets more formal and I ask you a bunch of questions so we can work together to find out how I can help you most!

So you want a list of tasks/projects that I handle for my clients? The list is endless and grows every day as I never stop learning and becoming more useful :) - but here is an idea of what you could hire me for:

- Researching apps/software to determine which is a best fit for your business and getting the account setup with any implementation necessary to get it working for your business (because you should never be doing this)

- Create and maintain your website, this includes pages, blog posts, updating features etc. (I will be seeking your approval on some of this as I need you to like it just as much as your visitors will)

- Web hosting setup and maintenance - I have my secret sauces (haha sauces, you like what I did there?) for this to make sure you have a secure setup with regular backups in case there are any problems, then we can dig out the spare and get it fixed :)

- Build/update Landing Pages and Marketing Automations - Because what captures the visitors attention changes in the ever evolving noisy digital world! And to split A/B test different things to improve conversions too!

- Implement their entire marketing funnel beginning to end (the whole thing!)

- Integrate your apps with other apps to make the idea in your head a reality! Because we all want an easier and automated life! (I will also do this myself if I think it will save you money on a process that can be automated rather than having someone spend time on it

- Regular reporting, backups and security checks of your website to make sure we are always ready for the unexpected!

- Regular reporting on all marketing efforts including lead capture on landing pages, open/click subscribe/unsubscribe/bounce rates on email and reports on adverts (Facebook/Google ads) - because I want to see improvements in your marketing (it gives me a buzz when conversion rates go up!)

- Consults and weekly check-ins (because I care about you and your business!)

I provide solutions that help you. On top of this, I always make sure I keep up with the trends in marketing and websites and just about anything digital so I can continue to support you in the best way possible.

These are just a few reasons you should consider hiring me. If none of the reasons above give you the motivation to get in touch, then I am out of ideas and I have failed!

On the flip side, if you do decide to get in touch with me I am 100% thrilled and cannot wait to meet you and potentially working with you to help your business thrive!

Once again, I would like to thank you for checking out my profile. It has been an honour to give you an insight to me and how I can help. I hope you take action and reach out to me.

- High Fives!

John Chandler