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A person who is a problem-solver and have great interpersonal skills

My name is Jessa S. Antinor. 24 years of age. I graduated BSE-ENGLISH at Rizal Technological University Boni Campus here in the Philippines. Prior to applying to this position, I used to work as service crew in fast food restaurant. As service crew, I learn how to be patient to others and how to empathize with my customers. I also develop my ability to do the given - task as quickly as I can with minimal fuss. All done with a smile!

One of the greatest strenght is having time management. Time management is very important in every aspect. I balance my time to work and in my everyday life. Finishing a project or a given-task on or before the deadline and to do that I am doing a to-do list. I organize everything from the most needed to least on a particular day.

I have attended seminars and workshops to develop and improve my communication skills using English language. I finished my Pre-service training which is teaching high school student basic grammar, literature and many more.

I believe that my experiences and skills will hire in your good company.