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Community Builder & World Change Agent

Jason Cai is a kindness advocate, a messenger of positivity and a motivational writer. Despite being an ordinary person, Jason aspires to change the world through acts of random kindness, one at a time. With that dream, he started Project Act of Random Kindness (P.A.R.K.), an initiative to encourage friends in Singapore to engage in simple acts of kindness for one another, thereby making the community a more heart-warming place for us to live in.

P.A.R.K. is the first of many ground-up community projects that Jason initiated. He started a community group called P.A.R.K. $2 Project (P2P), a platform that shares kindness opportunities, thus making it easier for like-minded friends to start giving. The group has more than 13,000 members to date and is actively giving love and support to the underprivileged, both young and old. The group also plays a key role in helping volunteer groups and non-profit organisations find volunteer resources and sponsorships.

In view of the public outcry over frequent train breakdowns, Jason initiated a support group called The Alternate Transport Advisory & Singapore Magnificent Rescue Team (TATA SMRT). The group helps frustrated commuters cope with the breakdowns by alerting them, through crowdsource reporting, to real-time situations on the ground, as well as by offering advice about alternate transportation options and routes. The group has more than 9,000 members to date and has been featured by the mainstream media. Through this project, Jason hopes to reduce the anger and frustrations felt by affected commuters and, in turn, create more positivity by giving people the opportunity to help one another work around the transport issue.

Jason is also the founder of the interest group What Makes Us Happy in Singapore, through which he encourages friends to share what makes them happy about living in Singapore. Jason hopes that the group members will be constantly reminded of their blessings and that they will influence one another to be happy.

In 2014, when Singapore experienced its longest drought in 60 years, Jason co-founded a community group called Let It Rain in Singapore, to encourage friends to reuse water as a means of saving dying plants and trees on the streets and in the parks. This initiative, which helps increase evaporation and transpiration from trees, also aims to bring about the rain that will end the rain-less spell. Jason believes that every citizen has a part to play in making things better, especially when Singapore is facing any national crisis.

Jason is also very passionate about writing motivational articles to encourage his friends to be positive and to live life to the fullest. He hopes that the experiences he shares in these articles can help readers better cope with their negative emotions and make happiness a choice. He believes that when one is positive and happy, one will be willing to do more for the world.

In his first-ever fundraising campaign, Jason shaved bald to create awareness of childhood cancer. To date, he has raised over SGD$230,000 in donations for the beneficiaries of the Children Cancer Foundation (CCF).

Jason also founded The Encouragements for Little Fighters (ELF) Project, through which he gathered a group of like-minded friends to send encouragements and well-wishes to young children battling terminal illnesses and suffering in pain. The goal was to give much-needed moral support to these children and their parents.

In 2019, Jason successfully published his first motivational book, "Finding The Magical Realm Of Happiness", where he shares the secrets of happiness that he learnt in the 6 years of giving. Jason hopes that this 400-page book can help readers better manage their negative emotions, adopt kindness and positivity as a way of life as well as find meaning and purpose in life. Jason also started Motivating Children Youth & Students (MCYS) project to send encouragement and support to the underprivileged children, youths-at-risk and students with special needs or mental illness.

In 2020, Jason launched his Happiness Program named "A Good Breakfast (For Your Mind & Soul)", to help friends find happiness in their daily lives and make the whole year a great and fulfilling one.

Jason has many dreams: he wishes to raise $1M in funds for CCF, he wishes to cure depression, he wishes to inspire as many children and adults to believe in themselves and maximise their full potential, he wishes to empower women, mothers so they continue to give all their loves to this world. He believes he will achieve them and change the world, one person at a time.