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Junior UX/UI Designer

Allow me to introduce myself:

I’m Isabel Mercedes, a Junior UX / UI Designer currently based in the idyllic town of Verscio, Ticino, Switzerland. I have a natural talent for languages and I love this fascinating cocktail of technology, psychology, communication and design called User Experience Design.  

I own a master’s degree with Major in Technologies for Human Communication from the University of Southern Switzerland, Lugano TI, Switzerland, and last year I graduated from DesignLab's UX Academy.

I have worked in different fields related to communication for several years: as a Content Manager, translator and copywriter at a small communication agency; as a front-office employee at a mid-sized bank; as a Communications Manager at a small theater (my current occupation). Despite this, my dream of designing intuitive, user-centered apps and websites for a living has never faded.

I am therefore eager to apply, improve and expand my skill set further and look forward to tackle new, exciting and challenging UX/UI Design projects!