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Mandalorians are fictional people associated with the planet Mandalore in the Star Wars universe and franchise created by George Lucas. Their most distinct cultural feature is their battle helmet, chest armor, wrist gauntlets, and often jet packs, similar to those used by Boba Fett and his father/clone host, Jango Fett.

First conceptualized for The Empire Strikes Back as a group of white-armored "supercommandos", the idea developed into a single bounty hunter character, Boba Fett. Although Fett was not explicitly identified as a Mandalorian in the film, his popularity inspired an extensive inquisition into Mandalorians in future Star Wars media, including novels, comics, television series, and video games.[1]

The Star Wars Expanded Universe and the television series The Clone WarsRebels, and The Mandalorian expanded upon Mandalorian lore with the introduction of additional characters, and established the Mandalorians not as an "alien race or species", but a distinct ethnicity of human people from Mandalore and nearby worlds united by a common creed with a stoic, spartan warrior tradition.