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Marketing Specialist | Strategy Consultant | Marketing Project Manager.

If you want thoughtful, creative marketing strategies that make a difference and increase the overall brand profile for your company, trust my experience and expertise. For nearly two decades, I have utilized my talent for developing key marketing strategies for high-profile companies in a variety of industries. For the past 12 years, my passion for marketing within the engineering, industrial and manufacturing sectors has been fueled by opportunities to drive creative, game-changing campaigns that made an impactful difference for my clients in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, New Zealand and Australia. I don’t just manage marketing projects. I conceive, develop, and implement key strategies that ignite results. I’ve been the senior team leader for complete marketing and communications functions for various organizations and take pride in being the brand custodian for my clients. In recent years, I have specifically honed my skills in multi-brand / multi-discipline environments, often managing many brands within huge international corporations. I have been successful in covering research and strategy all the way through to campaign execution, control, and post-implementation evaluation. My experience is deep and diverse. I have driven projects for both ‘above-the-line’ media channels (radio, TV, print) and ‘below-the-line’ media channels (relationship / direct marketing, SMS, e-mail as well as digital, on-line and social media marketing.)

I can offer the organisation an entrepreneurial spirit, skills in mid- to long-range planning, executive action and operational involvement in all aspects of my job. I like to think of myself as a ‘go-getter,’ and I am motivated by results. I set very high standards for myself. It is important to me to go way beyond the average marketing requirements and find ways to make a difference.