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Creative Direction

I am a 35-year-old communicator, I am passionate about design and thinking towards innovation, I am a daughter, friend, sister and professional.

He has practiced my profession for 12 years from the trades of applied arts to the world of digital communication. She worked professionally in Graphic Design and Communication for creative and digital agencies for 7 years and for 6 years I have been a partner and founder of BtQ Design, a Branding, Communication and Design agency.

I am fortunate to work on the creation, design and just strategic impulse of Brands (those that are being born and also those that are already consolidated), in the same way I participate today in the Creative and Strategic Direction of digital products. During the last 3 years BtQ Design has collaborated in projects of a social nature, this has allowed me to develop in the field of Communication for Sustainable Development (especially in programs aligned to the 2030 agenda) which has helped us to recognize and face each project with a positive impact to generate more sustainable and friendly futures for our planet, country and communities.

Partner and Founder of BtQ Design /

Industry: Design & Communications Consulting

Specific experience of more than 9 years in institutional and business communication.

Additional activities:

- Participation as a mentor in the Female Foundry / iProspect Program

Program that promotes the acceleration of female companies with the exploration of their business models to achieve the empowerment and strengthening of their economies.

Brand positioning

Generation and exploration of Value Proposals in Business Models.


-Define the target

-Establish the conflict

-Identify an archetype

-Associate it to our sole benefit

-Build a different personality

-Express it


-Art direction

-Brand identity

-Product design

-Packaging solutions


-Art Direction




-Web design / development

-Interface design

-Media solutions

- Social media