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PFM Consultant

Public Financial Management and Operations consulting to support and assist public sector organizations. My skills and 25+ years of experience in public financial management (PFM) have provided me opportunities to lead projects in both the private and public sectors and in the U.S. and abroad. I’ve applied my knowledge across numerous industries and developed action plans around capital development (PIM), budget planning (MTBF), public expenditure management (PEM), revenue administration, governance issues, and systems design and implementation (IFMIS/HRMIS). Areas of expertise include improving domestic revenue mobilization (DMR), tax policy, revenue analysis, IFMS (integrated financial management systems), accounting, public investment management systems, internal auditing and anti-corruption efforts, governance issues, budgeting, procurement, infrastructure planning, and business process mapping and reengineering. Global development consultant.

I’m the founder of my firm, where I consult with organizations and governments to solve their challenges. Much of my success has been in developing countries that are fragile, conflict, and violent states (FCV), such as Afghanistan and Somalia. I have performed Value Capture analyses for numerous governments and projects.

In addition to my diverse range of experiences, my commitment to developing new skillsets and tackling the hardest challenges will allow me to help you and your organization achieve its goals. I’d welcome the chance to connect and learn more about how we can partner together. Organizations I have worked with include USAID, DFID, EUD, World Bank, DFAT, FEMA, as well as numerous local governments and private sector organizations.