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Writer and Content Creator

Writing purposeful stories to empower change-making decisions

Love, Understanding and Empathy. These are the foundational blocks of a happy, prosperous, peaceful world.

As my journey continues, I find myself drawn to the stories of those I meet on my travels and in my working life. Stories from South Korea, Germany, the US, Israel, Bali, and all across the world. Each one unique yet also the same. I’ve discovered by looking into the faces of all that I meet I see myself.

From this, I have begun working towards telling these stories to create the harmony and understanding this world deserves and needs to heal. My past experiences allow me to take part in various purpose-driven projects and includes using my copywriting, project management, community management, interviewing and coaching skills. Companies that focus on the circular economy and sustainability particularly call to me.

My top strengths are Futuristic, Learner, Restorative and Positivity. This means I excel at thinking outside of the box, I pick up new skills quickly, and I have the ability to solve problems with an optimistic outlook.

I enjoy travelling the globe, experiencing different ways of life, tasting new flavours and learning about new cultures. I love connecting with writers and travellers, as well as those discussing diversity and environmental issues.

Find me on Twitter: @joyful_nomad

Connect me with on Linkedin: @eammilsom

Key Skills: Interviewing, Project Management, Coaching, Personal Branding, Copywriting, Content Strategy, Community Building, Blogging and Tea Drinking!

Remote based. Long/short terms projects considered.

Services include:

  • Copywriting

  • Blog Creation

  • Success Stories

  • Interviews

  • project management.