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International Development Professional

·         Strong operations experience in international development, as Country Director and Team Leader. as COO & Director of a bank.

·         Vast work experience in the field of financial and operational services.

·         Broad experience in organisational development

·         Extensive professional management experience working in developing and transitional countries in the field of livelihoods, economic development with a focus on micro finance support for small enterprises and income generating activities, agri-business and organisational development;

·         Over 20 years’ capacity building experience in transitional countries at central, regional and grass-roots levels with a focus on micro finance and livelihoods job creation at the urban, peri-urban and rural levels and preparation of the documentation (with special sections for cross cutting issues, such as gender, persons with disability and environment) to support them.

·         Experience in international projects related to SME/private sector development, with notable excellent experience in Sub-Saharan African countries.

·         Experience in research projects internationally working with questionnaires, qualitative and quantitative empirical data;

·         Good knowledge of processes related to M&E, and development of value chains pertinent to the local environment, that include considerations on gender and the environment/biomass opportunities.

·         Extensive experience in formal training, presentations, workshops and hands on mentoring.

·         Proven analytical and writing skills. Experience in drafting and delivering policy and operations documents, manuals and final reports.