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Graphic Design

I really like my main Graphic Design career, I have always been in this business (communication, advertising, public relations, events) before I finished my career I started working in printing and materials for architecture and large format. I worked for a company that sold printing and graphic design, consumables, and printing equipment.

Then I started my own project of custom t-shirts and general graphic design (Zyxteez). My idea was to have an online store, but I leaned on a market platform (mercado libre) and I had many sales in the country, but I started to have more success with the local market. I did a lot of graphic design for local clients too and that's when I met and redesigned the Holy Cow! Burger & Beer Joint logo. This brand invited me to open an inhouse agency in the corporate one and it is where I currently work most of the time. The brands included in this corporate are: Gaservicio - Grupo Gasolinero, Holy Cow! Burger & Beer Joint, Masterfuel, Fundacion Maldonado and Maya Fraccionamientos.

Design the Masterfuel logo and manage the other brands. I am involved in remodeling and design needs for interiors and facades (architectural projects) Material handling for exterior design.

My main interest is Graphic Design and marketing, but I am very interested in technology (user experience in apps and sites), data science (digital marketing), e- commerce, public relations and collaborations or synergies with other brands. Developments for customer service (network robots).

All the time I have worked as a freelancer too and I have lifelong clients to whom I take their graphic design and certain marketing and sales topics.