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I have experience in the mental health field , educational, teacher training, recruitment and selection of staff.

I worked as a behavioral officer for United Airlines, the position required interviewing each passenger on each flight to avoid criminal acts towards the aircraft or passengers.

I had the opportunity to work as an assistant director for Runway Mexico magazine, my responsibilities in the position were operating, coordinating fashion, administrative and diligent events.

I worked as a restaurant manager in the state of Colima, my responsibilities were administrative, personnel management, hiring and operations.

Work as a managerial assistant in an architectural and design materials company.

I currently work in agreement with the

state government in the area of ​​health and social welfare, refer me to low-income patients for psychological therapy.

I have my own office, but as a result of the current contingency I give online therapies.

I consider myself a responsible, honest person, focused on objectives and who knows how to work under pressure.

I learn quickly and I solve any problem that arises, I am not afraid of new challenges because that only reinforces the character and the desire to continue, I am a legit person, I try to be fair and impartial in my work.

Something I learned from being in different professional fields is that I was able to apply psychology in each one of them, because in all of them you had to work with clients or staff, and there is no greater satisfaction than being able to leave a satisfied client and an employee happy that his work transcends and that he can grow.

I believe that constant training, assertive communication and emotional intelligence are fundamental keys to being able to lead any project or business.

I really enjoy working with people, be it in business or in clinical settings, I am a faithful believer in change and constant personal growth.

One of my life projects is to create a CA to be able to help as many people as possible, because although you cannot change the world, if you can change someone's world, and if you change one, you change a whole generation.

I have a fan page already , cause im helping a Maya Community.