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Special needs consultant

Young lady born in Belgium and moved to Canada at 17 years old to study. I wanted to be a reporter like Tintin, cover the war world, the injustices in middle East, women's rights but life guided me something else....special needs education. We also can talk about injustices and human rights in that field.

I have lived 17 years in Montreal and now I live in Indonesia where there are a lot of injustices and where human rights are sometimes not respected, where the mentality is still indoctrinated by religions and some powerful traditions.

As a special needs educator/consultant who have lived in different countries, I have learned how to deal with different culture and traditions, I learned about it to be be able to understand the people and to respect them. Because I have moved many times, travelling is an important part in my life. Adventures, discoveries, traditions... are very important for me to understand the world and to understand myself. It helped me to grow and have an open mind very young.

Photography is also a good way for me to capture every moments in every adventures.

Education has a big part in my life, especially in Indonesia (Bali where I live) where education is still rudimentary and where the access is not for everyone. Because Bali is far away form paradise. Behind what we can see on Instagram, there are a lot of dark sides.