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Development, Human Rights and Social Justice Consultant

I am the founder of f(l)air consult, which is a consultancy platform that offers a range of services in the fields of development, human rights and social justice.

I believe in cooperation, in active and global citizenry and inclusion when working towards transformation together.

I offer a range of consultancy services with the aim of empowering our clients while assisting them in reaching their goals.

f(l)air consult can help you solve problems, organise and develop, create and strategise as well as implement and improve.

Whether you are in the process of reflecting and developing ideas, building a project, organising for a cause or scaling and perfecting your work, we are at your service – get in contact by emailing us at and then we’ll figure out how to best accommodate your needs. 

I look forward to working with you!

I have worked and volunteered in the non-profit sector for almost 10 years with various human rights and social justice initiatives besides acquiring a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies. While obtaining my Master’s of Philosophy in Criminology, Law, and Society at University of Cape Town, I worked with Cape Mental Health, volunteered with Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town and interned with Laywers for Human Rights. Since then I have worked as a consultant on a variety of things related to migrancy, integration, empowerment with youth and vulnerable populations, including but not limited to human rights, advocacy, crime, conflict and violence.