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Intuitive Business Consultant

I am an Intuitive, Medium, Psychic. I study psychology and observe public habits, programs and patterns. I have also successfully created and ran 3 businesses of my own.

I have a gift for intuitively knowing what ideas will work and what will be a successful move career and business wise for an individual or a company. I intuitively know what will be good investments and what will not and I know the ways in which the company or organisation would be able to successfully expand as efficiently as possible.

I use a great range of skills from psychology, history, psychic intuition of future energy and also messages I receive from individuals spirit guides and if you are in a team this is very interesting in regards to gathering different information from each individuals guides.

We are now entering a new age where operating and approaching business advice only in a physical sense with facts and figures will end up leaving companies trailing behind. Communication is key and introducing the non physical will ultimately support the physical more when it is utilised effectively.