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virtual assistant - Data Entry- Customer Service Representative

I am a teacher by profession. After graduating from college, I worked as a substitute teacher in elementary grade. Then, something happened that forced me to go back to my hometown. Time came when I had the feeling that I need to work again so I applied in a Korean Academy and taught English to kids and adults as well. I got pregnant with my wonderful kid after a year so I needed a higher paying job, that’s when I decided to work as a call center agent. I was a Customer Service Representative for one year and a half. In the account that I handled, it taught me to multi-task, answer calls and emails the right way, it also taught me how to handle customers’ complaints the right way. We were also tasked to sell their products. The next thing I did was to work abroad. I worked as a tutor and did that for almost three years. Then I realized that I have to look after my growing child, too. So I decided to come home and look for another opportunity online, that’s why I am here. Taking my chances that this might be it! Working at home with my child as my inspiration pushing me to do my best in this line of work. I hope to meet you, soon and I hope you give me a chance to show you what I got. Thank you for reading and see you!