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Award Winning Lecturer | TEDx Speaker | Social Sector Consultant

Carol Pinto is an award-winning educator, TEDx speaker, and a social sector consultant.

As an educator, she has been teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate level across several universities in the UAE. Her expertise lies in tertiary education, curriculum development, and delivering bespoke training seminars in multiple disciplines, such as leadership, marketing and international business. She has developed curriculum and led programs, both locally and internationally. Prior to entering the world of academia, she has worked with leading local and international brands across several industries. She leverages this experience to make her classes more practical, and to impart an education that goes beyond the mere discussion of theoretical frameworks.

As a speaker, she has delivered a TEDx talk on the future of education, and since then, has been invited to several international conferences as a keynote speaker. Her talks revolve around the themes of education, innovation and social entrepreneurship.

As a consultant, she works with non-profits aimed at poverty alleviation. Her current projects include understanding buying behavior and developing customer outreach programs in Africa and Asia. She was recently interviewed for her work in the social sector and the findings will be presented in a book due to be published in 2020.

Carol is currently volunteering in the Northwest Territories of Canada. She is working with children from Indigenous communities living with inter-generational trauma. She strongly believes in the words of Nelson Mandela, that 'education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world' and she is hoping to help these children out of their current situation by supporting them in their pursuit of quality education.