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Customer Service Representative

I believe that my strong Customer Support, and Data Entry experience make me a highly competitive candidate for this position.  

I’ve worked with big businesses alike to provide for their Customer Service needs. Clients include: Hilton Hotels, Airbnb and Samsung. I’ve recently worked with Samsung as a Technical Support, in which I help the customers to troubleshoot and help the customers book a service repair.

I work hard to provide above satisfactory and dependable services to you and your business, no matter the line of work. I believe in providing outstanding quality service, and have over 3 years professional experience taking care of customers over email and instant messaging as well as through inbound and outbound phone calls. I have a passion to help and a need to succeed. Let me be a part of your team and we can win together!

I typically work in a self-paced environment that requires great attention to detail, impeccable accuracy, as well as critical problem solving and professional communication.

I thrive under difficult or high-pressure situations, time constraints and research that requires thinking outside of the box. I'm always open to learning new skills and dedicating my time to provide support and help, even in emergent situations.