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Experience Architecture & Design Specialist

I have been fortunate enough to have spent many years doing what I love and that is helping business to understand and change consumer behaviour. To design and build acquisition and retention programmes that are agile, evolving, being culturally relevant and above all profitable. I have been on both the client-side (with agencies) and the brand side (with corporates). I have worked with customers for both B2B & B2C markets.

• Writing, development and management of marketing, acquisition and retention strategies

• Strong communicative and interpersonal skills

• Proven Leadership experience in having developed an effective team

• High level of data literacy and understanding of the customer

• Proven experience in driving and exceeding revenue benefits in direct relation to business cases

• Able to collaborate effectively between a variety of cross-functional teams

• Capable of proposing, developing and executing effective strategies that can support the company’s vision

• Proven experience in leading a significant CRM change programme

The pandemic has changed the way we live, we buy and what we value. Loyalty is up for grabs and that we need to relearn what our customers want and when and how they want it.

Experience design and architecture is all about seeing the people first and not just the data. It is the new brand style guide to inspire and govern the entire customer journey and helps the entire organisation moving towards delighting the customer, and ultimately unabashed brand loyalty.

Now I would like to help others to understand that the experience is the brand, effect positive change, spark meaningful conversations, and connect brands with people.