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Independent Environmental Consultant

Independent Environmental Consultant

Environmental consultant with experience in the field of development and project design focused on sustainable living and climate change adaptability. Upon graduating with a degree in Environmental Sciences I relocated to Spain for a few months where I interned for an NPO. There I had gathered information and experience in project design and development for non-profitable projects. Within returning to South Africa I'd taken courses on Project management, A UN development course focused on the role of women and their impact on a sustainable future for their communities. I've since worked on writing, editing, and research on proposals submitted to GCF. Research on the country/ies the project would be developed in. Their current vulnerable state due to climate change and other issues these countries face; such as poverty, gender issues, education, child development, and healthcare. I’ve also worked on solo proposals, completed, and submitted to the GCF for clients.

I've worked on Climate Compliance reports and sustainable solutions for companies/ individuals who have come across environmental issues.

Having worked in the line of Development since high school. Where I would intern at a consulting firm during school holidays. I find within this line of work you require and pick up many skills on the different issues and points to look at when developing these projects.

Skills and knowledge which I've acquired;

Knowledge of Child Development/ Education system

The impact of Women who are enabled in a community (their role to a more sustainable future and importance of empowerment)

Gender roles

Engaging with people from different backgrounds and finding common ground.

Working effectively with others and within teams.

Finding quick solutions to problems presented within the development stage of the project.

Expanding in knowledge on environmental issues and cc adaptability.