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Gender Equality, Social Change, Humanitarian Work and Coexistence

I am a renowned Social and Gender Activist who is passionate about creating meaningful change in the world we live in. I believe strong that an honest fight for world justice and total human rights starts with fighting for the rights of women, girl children as well as pursuit of full recognition of their existence . The face of poverty is a woman, the face of inequality is a woman, the face of racism is a woman, the face of sexism is a woman, the face of human trafficking is the woman etc . This clearly demonstrate that women and girl children are at the cold face of ALL world ills and a just world can only be realised through total unchaining of women from these multifaceted elements of patriarchy. As an activist for more than 15 years I have chosen to be the voice and face of many unheard and unseen women who daily yearn to bring an end all their miseries but often face a world where no one has time to fight with them. No nation is liberated and truly free until its women and girl children are.