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Brainstorm Buddy

What/who is Brainstorm Buddy (?!) is probably what you are asking right now.

After years of working in different industries at different positions I came to conclusion, that this term describes most accurately what I can deliver for my client. It represents a combination of project management, coaching and problem solving.

Having lots of energy makes me a great buddy to start something new. Not only I can plan and strategize, I can work independently and build things from scratch. I adapt quickly even in the areas I have never worked before. My previous roles were mainly within start ups where nothing is certain and all has to be done on the go. I strive in this kind of environment! I love change and challenges.  

If this sounds like the energy you are looking for in your business, feel free to reach out. I would be happy to join your project at any stage to help with project management, setting up processes, managing small teams or coaching.