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Full Stack Software Engineer

Passionate and result-oriented full stack developer, problem solver, and architect with experience in infrastructure, front-end, and back-end.

I develop websites using the latest Web technologies as well as being mindful of user experience, usability, and responsiveness across all media devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. I am now building and developing new sets of skills in Web-based applications and Progressive Web Apps using JavaScript frameworks such as React and Angular.

I have a lot of experience in data visualization, stripe payment gateway integration, push and email notifications, and integrating REST API as well as cloud-based (AWS, Firebase).

As a team member, I bring strong git workflow practices and experience using agile methodologies to build software in a collaborative environment.

Here are my expertise listed below


- JavaScript, TypeScript, ES6+

- React, Gatsby, Next.js

- Angular, AngularDart

- Dart, Flutter

- D3.js, Recharts, Chart.js

- Node, LoopBack, Meteor

- Python, Flask, Django

- PHP, Laravel framework

- Ruby, Ruby on Rails

- MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL